Memorial Day Fun

It has been waaay too long since I've posted, so I wanted to share some pics from our Memorial Day dinner. My son is 19 months and very much aware of parties and celebrations! As he gets older, I know he'll understand the great significance of Memorial Day a bit more, but for now we try to teach him what we can and make all holidays festive.

Here are a few pics and recipe links from our meal. Sorry about the poor photo quality (and horrible tabletop!)...these were taken quick on my iPhone. I wasn't planning to blog them but here we are...

Love these star-shaped glasses I found at Target for my little superstar....

Yes, we made Greek-style burgers for Memorial Day. No, we are not Greek and  Greek food has nothing to do with Memorial Day, but I really wanted to try this Weight Watchers recipe...so we did! Below are the burger toppings: feta, spinach and tzatziki sauce...so delish and low-cal. I also whipped up this tasty pasta salad as a side dish.

For dessert...I assembled some angel food and brownie kebabs inspired by this recipe found via Pinterest and this recipe from SkinnyTaste.com. I also made her cheesecake dip...a must-try!

 We had such a fun day...hope you all did too!

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