Farm to Table: Heirloom Grape Tomato and Arugula Salad

I was very excited to capture the beautiful, fresh ingredients I used for my heirloom grape tomato and arugula salad recently. The ingredients were fresh from a local farmer's market and tasted as good as they looked.

Arugula is an acquired taste for sure, but for me, it's peppery bite is delicious. As with any greens pulled straight from the farm, be sure to thoroughly wash/scrub before eating.

How gorgeous are these little tomatoes? Heirlooms have a sweeter taste than regular tomatoes and the colors are beautiful too. 

I couldn't resist lining them up before I started to chop!

For my vinaigrette, I whisked about two tablespoons of good olive oil, with a pinch or herbes de provence... 

...and about 3 counts of white vinegar. That's part of the fun in the kitchen, you can play around with combos until you've created something that's just right for you!

Wash, chop, whisk, pour and enjoy! That's my favorite kind of salad!

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