Bungalow Style

Some people dream of a mansion in Beverly Hills or a villa in Capri, not me, I'd settle for a charming bungalow right on the beach (although I wouldn't turn down either of those first two options!). I love the beach, I love being be the water, its just so calming and beautiful. 

And that's probably why I'm loving these pics over at House Beautiful. They are from a slideshow of a charming California bungalow designed by Krista Ewart (whose website is filled with even more gorgeous inspiration, btw!).

Overall, I really enjoy her use of color popping out from all the white in the home. It's playful and whimsical, just as a beach house should be. 

Let's take a little tour, shall we?

What a perfect setting for a weekend getaway.

Pops of pink will always make me happy--mixed with yellow, it's just a fun way to wake up in the morning. 

There's so much I love about this spot. A cozy reading nook with thick, plush pillows is so cozy and I really enjoy the upholstered polka-dot tables - how unique!

In the HB caption Ewart talked about red and turquoise always working well together. I totally agree, there's something about this pairing that feels crisp and modern. 

It's always the small touches that make the biggest impact in a home, such as the custom-designed mirror and sunburst wallpaper. 

This overall shot of the living area and eating nook is just happy. Laid back living at its best!

Gotta love a kitchen with a pink fridge :)

Perhaps, my favorite spot...the patio. What a charming set-up for early morning coffee or sunset cocktails.

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