Interior Stylist Lucyina Moodie

Stylist. To me, it’s one of the most glamorous jobs, especially an interiors or prop stylist. When I was on staff at various magazines, I was able to play the role of stylist quite a bit and let me tell you, even though it is a ton of nerve-wracking work, the process is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences ever. As a writer, the ability to tell a story soley using visuals is something that I grew very fond of.

From time to time I visit various stylists’ websites for inspiration.I was first turned on to London-based interior stylist Lucyina Moodie from one of my favorite blogs, Decor8. Ever since then, I often visit Lucyina’s site to see what's she's been up to.

Today, I decided to share with you the images she created that I love the most. Her use of color, texture and placement paired with the photography itself is in a word, beautiful. I wish I would start styling more, if even little vignettes in my own home…perhaps with her inspiration guiding the way I will.

I adore craft supplies, especially those with a bit of vintage appeal to them. This is one of the prettiest still lifes. I love how she kept everything on a natural fabric...maybe a burlap here? Love this shot.
The use of white in various shades and textures here is so soothing, I imagine this dressing room smelling of fresh cut gardenias.
This type of collection is one of my favorites to pull together...yummy bits and bobs of fabric, trimmings, inspiration and other odds and ends. If I were an interior designer, my office would be covered in vignettes just like this one!

Styling a bed is hard work. Linens are the toughest to deal with (all those wrinkles!) This blush-pink vignette is gorgeous. It's feminine with a little messy glam rolled into one.

I am obsessed with colorful glass holiday ornaments...all of those shiny colors grouped together just sing. And how quirky to be piled into a rustic wheelbarrow. I adore the mood lighting here too.

This may seem like a simple photo, but I have an idea of the work involved behind it. I'm sure Lucyina and the photographer tried many, many vases or other interesting "vehicles" after choosing just the right blooms and placing them just so. Shooting flowers is hard, but it makes for such a rewarding end result!

I hope you enjoyed my little commentary! How about you...have you ever tried your hand at styling in your home? Share your pics with me and I'll post them here!

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