Animal Instincts

There's something about fall that makes me gravitate to rich, warm hues like orange, navy, but nothing has got me going this season like leopard print! Ok, yes, it is everywhere BUT I'm loving it. I myself own a leopard cardigan and pair of too cute shoes that I adore. But when I saw these photos from Talbots.com, it made me want to run out and buy this coat!

I love the styling in both photos and how awesome to see Linda Evangelista...one of the most amazing supermodels ever. (I think her and Cindy Crawford were my faves back in the day). I would love to be walking around in that outfit today...but alas I am not that brave!

I am a bit braver when it comes to decorating my home...so here are a few of my picks to help me get this look above at home...

How about a plush pillow from Williams-Sonoma Home, $98....

...and a cozy burnt orange cashmere throw, also from Williams-Sonoma Home, $198.

Then, of course to top it all off...how about a glam black crystal chandelier...

It may be pricey at $3590, but so gorgeous to look at!


loribelle said...

Way to go!!!!!!!!!luvluvluv

Beatriz said...

Oh wow, do I adore leopard print as well. I bought the most beautiful little leopard print cardi the other day. Just the right mix of fun and class to add a twist to my work wardrobe or play it up on the weekend. I went all out and bought a leopard trench last season but it was a no go for me. Too petite I'm afraid. Instead of rocking the look, I looked like I was devoured by a leopard! Too bad for me because this look is fabulous!

Hope you're doing wonderful, darling.

All my Love,