Macy's Holiday Windows, NYC

I love the holidays but have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that needs to get done this month. Today, I took some time and strolled around New York City in search of that holiday spirit. I found just what I needed in the windows of Macy's in Herald Square.

It might sound "tourist-y" to some, but a girl from Long Island can still get excited to check out the holiday windows at the most famous store in the world! First, I loved the scenes from Miracle on 34th Street.

It is one of my favorite movies, ever (the original, 1947 version of course!!). Growing up, I adored the magic little Susie finally felt as she befriended "Kris" aka Santa Claus. Seeing those scenes today in the windows, reminded me to stop and feel that magic of Christmas.

Moving on to some of the smaller windows, I fell in love with all of the sparkly paper crafted stars! I love how they surround all of the gorgeous shoes and accessories in the window.

I could only imagine the fun the window dressers had preparing all of those stars made of paper, glitter and glue! Ok, I'm sure it was painful at times (there were just so many!) but what an awesome display!
I hope you enjoyed my short but inspired tour of Christmas in the city...for me, this little excursion was just what I needed :)

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Anonymous said...

Loved the Macy's pictures!!!! You are so much like the little girl in the movie!!!!!!Always keep your memories and Christmas Spirit!!!!!

Luv, Mom