Easter Flowers...

Hello! I have been away too long from my lovely little blog. Between prepping for and celebrating Easter (I didn't get to make the napkins I was hoping to, sadly)...and then I dived right into my long to-do list this week and well, I have not had a chance to post...until today!

I wanted to share a photo of the gorgeous flowers from our Easter dinner table. This is a quick shot I took of my table's centerpiece...a gorgeous mixed bouquet from Trader Joe's (yes...they have flowers!)

I placed them in my beloved Kate Spade Library Stripe vase and for a fun little extra, I added in that adorable decorative moss-covered bunny pick up top, that I found at Pier 1 Imports...so sweet!

The tasty bunny down in the corner was a handmade dark-chocolate creation from a friend of my husband's...delicious!

That's it for now...just wanted to spread a little post-holiday cheer!

How about you? How was your Easter holiday?

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