Project: Spring Napkins

Easter is a week away and I'll be hosting my hubby's family. I've been preparing a bit, decorating here and there but felt I was missing something. Then today I found these sweet DIY Spring Napkins over on The Purl Bee.

It seems that if you can sew, you can make these napkins. I have so many scraps of fabric and lots of ric rac ribbon...I am so tempted to give this project a try!

And if I do, you can be sure the photos will be here :)

Then, I of course went on a little hunt for napkin rings to go with them...aren't these from Crate and Barrel just a perfect match:

They remind me of a project we did at one of the magazines I worked at. My amazingly creative pal simply popped the heads off of faux flowers similar to these and glue them onto wide pieces of sturdy grosgrain ribbon. A simple project and more cost effective too...although at $2.95 each these from Crate and Barrel are a steal.

I love decorating tables, its one of my favorite things to do. How about you...how are you decorating for Easter?


The Zhush said...

I think I need those napkin rings! And quickly! Thanks.

Design Candy said...

agreed! I just ordered mine!!