My Favorite Gowns at the Oscars...

I thought this year, the gowns were just fabulous! Well, not all of them...but most of them just blew me away! The current ladies of Hollywood certainly brought glamour back this year. Here are my favorites:

Sandra Bullock : The Golden Girl (and Oscar Winner!)
Gorgeous and classy in gold! And I read that she wore Chanel Rouge in Paris, a classic red. Amazing.

Jennifer Lopez: The Diva.
I LOVED this dress. The color was perfect for her skin tone and it hugged her curves perfectly. The train was quite the debate on Twitter last night, however, this dress would not have been the same without it!

Cameron Diaz: Shimmering Princess
She looked stunning in this gold, sparkly gown and she was quite funny on stage too.

Demi Moore : The Knockout
As Rachel Zoe would say (who probably dressed her) - this dress was bananas!
She is STUNNING and her body is just crazy good for 40+.

Penelope Cruz: Spicy Fashionista.
Loved the rich color and the gatherings on the dress...that treatment reminded me so much of my wedding gown, which I loved :)

Vera Farmiga : The Newcomer (that got to kiss George Clooney!)
I am a sucker for hot pink ruffles...this was amazing. She looked so fresh and modern.

Kristen Stewart: Fun, Fearless...and Shy
Even though she was so awkward on stage, the girl captured that modern-tortured-glamorous-Twilight look perfectly in her midnight navy gown.

Jennifer Lopez photo via Harper's Bazaar. All others via HuffingtonPost.com

How about you? Who wore your favorite gowns of the night?


xoxoKrysten said...

I thought Rachel McAdams looked STUNNING last night!

Design Candy said...

Oh, agreed! Good call...I totally missed her in this round-up!