Oscars Party Tips - Celebrity Style

Can you believe it is nearly time for the Oscars? Yep, they're THIS Sunday! With all of its glitz and glamour, the Oscars are a great excuse to throw a party.

Just ask Sir Elton John,who is once again throwing his post-Oscars bash and HIV/AIDS fundraiser this year. His amazing parties always draw the A-list as evident by this photo below of Elton (left) with Posh Spice, Elton's partner David Furnish and Eva Longoria Parker.

Photo via BizBash.com

This year, I did a little research on how these celebrities party post-Oscars. I gathered a ton of great tips from Elton's party and Madonna and Demi Moore's party too!

Then, for us normal folks, I put a budget-spin on them for us normal folks. You can check out my tips, including how to recreate the amazing tables at Elton John's 2009 party (below) over at Holidash.com.

Photo via Holidash.com (via Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Looking for recipes? Don't forget the classic Oscar party master, Wolfgang Puck. He's been catering the Governor's Ball in Hollywood for years. Last year I went crazy for his short rib recipe and included it in my 2009 Oscars Party article at Celebrations.com.

This year? I'm droooling over his announced plans to serve Prime Mini Burgers with Cheddar and Remoulade - YUM!

via abcnews.com

Me? I'll be watching with the hubby, rooting for George and Sandra, drinking a little champagne with my Oscar ballot in hand! :)

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