Golden Globes Re-cap: The Glam Tassel

The fashion at this year's Golden Globes left me feeling underwhelmed. Maybe it was overshadowed by the sad, horrible events in Haiti . That being said, there was one amazing fashion moment that I had to share!

Kate Hudson's GORGEOUS tassel earrings. just LOVED her gorgeous pearl and diamond (17 carats worth!) tassel earrings by fab NYC jewelry designer Stephen Russell. Check out how they swing in this photo below. Amazing!!

I was also a fan of her origami-like white Marchesa dress (below, right), so modern glam! She really looked great. Although, I didn't love the platform shoes so much, but really, those shimmery tassel earrings are all that matters, right! :)

Traditionally used as a decorative home decor accessories, mostly to tie back drapery, tassels are popular again and I love the idea of wearing them as a fashion accessory. If you want to learn to make your own tassel earrings (of the funkier-and-much-less-expensive-than-Kate's-kind), check out this tutorial at Craftstylish.com.

Of course, for most of us, better to stick with decorating our homes with them! I recommend trying this beautiful Imported Fancy Key Tassel in black, white and cream from M & J Trims.

Priced at just under $10 and in a netural yet, modern palette, this is an easy way to play with a new accessory at home. I'd simply hang this over a doorknob or a smaller cabinet knob in my bathroom, somewhere unexpected but where I would see it every day.
What did you think of Kate Hudson's tassel earrings? Did you love them too? How about her dress? Send me a comment!

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