Just a little treat...

When I was little I was always out shopping with my mom and grandma and would always ask if I could just get "a little something, just a little treat..."

Well, this was the little treat I picked up at HomeGoods on Sunday while shopping with my mom. She is the best shopping partner! I swear I always find the best stuff when I'm with her.

I realized that I needed to bring a little color into my neutral living room (it's brown, cream, and robin's egg blue). This little orange mirrored box was perfect, especially at $10! Now it's sitting on its own little shelf in the living room. Love it.

It's the kind of accessory I would imagine Kelly Wearstler choosing for one of her fab Hollywood Regency-styled rooms. (I just read her book HUE, this weekend...amazing, amazing photos. More on that later this week...).

Isn't it so fun when you find the perfect little treat?

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