Embroidery Update: My Work in Progress

Last night I located the bag of embroidery goodies that I still have from the class I took at Make Workshop.

This is my sweet, sweet little bird and flowers pattern that I chose to take away as my "practice" piece. I was pleasantly surprised to see how far I had actually gotten.

I finished up the flowers last night. Don't you love the bold green and turquoise flowers with the hot pink centers! I used a french knot to make those centers...I love them! The french knot is really an easy stitch and fun to make. Read here for an easy how-to and a photo of an adorable french poodle pattern.

I laughed when I found this little square...this was the square I took with me to practice making X's and stars while riding the train home back to LI. Imagine sitting next to me that night?!

Well, thanks for taking a peek at my work...I hope to finish this up as soon as I purchase more light blue floss. In the meantime, I'm going to be practicing more french knots!

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