Design Trends to Retire...

This year promises to bring us lots of exciting, fresh ideas from the design world and I can't wait! Already, Pantone has declared turquoise to be the color of the year (love!) so you know we are in for a fun, vibrant, colorful year!

But as with anything else, there are a few trends I'd like to see take their final bow. Here, my list of trends that have just gotta go:

1. Peacock Feathers. I know so many of you loved them in 2009, but really, it's time to move on from this feathered trend.
2. Anything with chandeliers printed on it. I adore real, beautiful chandeliers as much as the next girl but putting a print of a chandelier on everything from pillows and rubber stamps to bedding and t-shirts just silly.
3. Deer antlers. They've been in all the magazine for at least the last three years or so...I didn't quite get it then and I still don't get it. Unless you are re-doing say, a hunting lodge, let's leave this trend alone, shall we?

What do you think of this list? Any that you disagree with? Or any bad trends that I've forgotten? Let me know!

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