DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Here on Long Island, we're awaiting the big snowstorm that's on its way from the south. It is such a quiet, still, cold morning...it's rather lovely. Almost as if the pending snow has forced us all to hunker down indoors and forget the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

My plan today is to sit by my tree, wrap my Christmas gifts and make some gift tags and cards.

Here are a few DIY holiday wrapping ideas to tackle on this snowy day. I created these projects with a very good friend of mine two years ago at Quick & Simple Magazine (RIP). We were locked up in a conference room for days surrounded by paper, glitter, glue, doilies, ribbon...you name it, we had it. This vignette was my favorite. You can view the entire story at quickandsimple.com.

1. We used scraps of solid wrapping paper, yarn and stickers to dress up this collection of packages. To make the "hole-y ribbon," take a large hole punch to a band of paper in a coordinating color. We topped off the first one with another scrap of paper rolled into a tube.

The middle package is simply dressed in leftover white yarn and we added a few ho! ho! ho! stickers. Super cute!

2. Doilies are so fun to work with, especially for kids. We used a bunch and layered them with paper to create these pretty packages. Working with blues is a nice way also to wrap up holiday-time birthday and Hanukkah gifts.

3. This one is my favorite. We used baker's twine to tie a glittered chipboard letter to the package. For my how-to's on how to make your own glittered letter, click here.

Hope I've inspired you! Happy snow-day wrapping!

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