Glitter Crafts

Sunday afternoon was all about crafting outside in the beautiful fall-like weather. Inspired by my recent Wendy Addison / Tinsel Trading post, I decided to play with glitter!

First up...glittered letters. I have a set of chipboard letters leftover from an old project. I'm not a fan of the leafy green print as you can see in this "before" shot.

I decided to see what would happen if I decked a letter out in Martha Stewart's gold glitter. I love how it turned out!

I used Design Master Spray Adhesive Glue for Glitter, an aerosol spray that I find to be easy to work with. First, I gave the letter a light coat of the glue and then covered it in the glitter.

Tip: To prevent a huge mess, be sure to wear rubber gloves and work in an empty cardboard box.

I let it dry for about 10 minutes, shook off any excess and then applied a second coat of glue and glitter to fill in any missed spots. After drying another 10 minutes, I gave it a final spray of glitter glue, just to seal it, which worked great. Just be sure to let these types of projects sit for a few hours to really settle.

My plan is to spell out the word "LOVE" and glue magnets onto the back of each so I can display them on my fridge.

Next up, peat pots. I picked up a set of 20 pots for $.79 at Michael's recently. A good friend of mine used these to create the cutest little Halloween treat holders a few years back and I've wanted to try it myself ever since.

Following the same steps as the glittered letter, I covered the pots in the glue and then the gold glitter (and one in copper-colored glass glitter). Here they all are drying together in the sun. See how they glisten!

I want to use the pots as decoration for my Thanksgiving table, maybe fill each with a bit of tissue paper and a few Hershey Kisses. I know, I'm way ahead of myself but the holidays will be here soon!

Next up, I want to glue a variety of these Dresden Thanksgiving die cuts to the center of each. Then, I'm on the hunt for a unique way to make a handle for these little pots. I've seen it done with pipe cleaners, but I'd rather give mine a more grown up handle. Any ideas??

I'll post more pics as I finish up these projects. See how a little quiet, creative playtime can yield exciting new projects?

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