Shiny + New: Lonny Magazine

I spent a few hours Sunday evening curled up with a cup of tea, my computer and the brand new online magazine: Lonny. Online magazine? Yes and this paper-loving, magazine-obsessed girl loved it.

Don't get me wrong, nothing makes my pulse race like cracking open the pages of a thick glossy magazine. However, we must acknowledge that technology is here :) and well, it's chasing after the publishing industry faster and faster each day, especially the shelter titles.

My hats off to Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, Lonny's founders, for their experiment. And thank you for doing such a great job, its evident how much thought, passion and hard work went into this issue!

The layout is just like a traditional mag with full-page ads, gorgeous photos, product picks and inspiring stories. Plus, being an online pub, you get the benefit of rolling your cursor over a special something that caught your eye and clicking away to its web site. I found many new online shops and blogs (RedStamp.com, DeSmitten and Vicky's Yard Sale to name a few) that I will be visiting this week.

The first issue was inspiring, creative and a bit of an homage to Domino, which was so lovely to see. Living through a magazine shutting down myself, I know how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye to your friends, co-workers and the publication that brought you all together. It must have been so wonderful for Michelle and Patrick to catch up with their old pals and show off their amazing homes.

You must check out this exciting new publication for yourself. Its got style and smarts and I can't wait for future issues...keep them coming!

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