Farmhouse Dreams

If I were to ever own a country house (and my plan is to do so one day), I would want it to look like this quaint little cottage I spotted online at nytimes.com today...completely charming on the outside...

...and bursting with amazing collections on the inside!

The first photo shows off the homeowner's collection of vintage postcards of Pompeian ruins and the second photo (my favorite shot) captures his amazing mercury glass collection. Swoon!

This amazing cottage belongs to former NYC residents Sean Scherer and Mark Meyer. Their ENTIRE home is featured in a new slideshow in the Home & Garden section at nytimes.com this week. Go check it out.You'll be glad you did.


My Owl Barn said...

I love that wall art of vintage postcards. Now, i know what to do with my collection. Thanks!

LD said...

Isn't that fabulous? I want to do a project like that in my own home too. Thanks for stopping by, love your blog, by the way!