Home Work

I recently interviewed Holly Bohn, founder of the cool online shop See Jane Work, for my October LI Pulse article: Home Offices.

Photo from See Jane Work.

So many of use are either working from home (or dreaming of doing so) that I thought it was important to spread the word that a home office should not resemble that sad, sterile cubicle you left behind at your corporate job, but it should be a fun, personal space. Consider it an extension of yourself and your creativity.

Holly was such a delight to talk to! She's a hardworking mom who is passionate about her business and keeping herself, her family and the rest of us well-organized! Holly's selection of colorful, fresh, modern office supplies are just what us creative types crave!

In our interview Holly raved about these Jane Marvel zippered pouches.

She uses them to keep herself organized, especially on-the-go. I love how they're so portable and that the zipper keeps everything from paperwork, tear sheets, receipts and other important paperwork safe and secure. Brilliant. Thanks, again, Holly for such great tips!

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