DIY: From Junk to Gems

A bit of shameless self promotion here, but I'm excited that my latest column for LI Pulse Magazine is out! For August, it was all about cool DIY projects made from, well junk!

Photo via lipulse.com
One of the talented staffers at the magazine, scoured junk yards and other surprising sources for cool stuff that she re-invented into functional home accessories. Check out the bookends she made, above, using old license plates! To find out how to make them and other projects, click here.

Speaking of junk, it is flea market/yard sale/antique show season! End-of-summer and fall are perfect times to get out there for the best tag sale goodies. Sometimes, it's great to just find a cool antique that just needs a little cleaning but when you're on the hunt this year...keep your eye out for less-than-perfect objects or "misfits" no one else seems to be buying. Put your thinking caps...you may be able to re-purpose it into a fab new project!

To help you locate a tag or yard sale where you live, check out this cool new site called yardsaletreasuremap.com. I read about over at Daily Candy today. Just plug in your address and it will give you the locations of yard sales in your area! Brilliant!

Happy Junking!

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