A Country Shop Grows in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, N.Y. has never really been considered a hotspot for shopping. Well, maybe for Italian pastries. However, in the last decade or so, it’s really upped its “cool” quotient with lots of hip, new design shops opening up, especially in Williamsburg.

Brook Farm General Store is one of the latest. I just read about it over at Daily Candy this morning and I’m hooked. Located just under the Williamsburg bridge, this adorable shop offers city-dwellers a little bit of country goodness for the home. I haven’t been able to visit it yet, but you can check out amazing images from inside the store over at the Apartment 132 blog. Blogger (and Brooklynite) Cristina Ramirez did a fantastic job taking lovely photos and describing her trip.

Good news for the rest of us, they also offer online shopping! As I was checking out their offerings, my wishlist became so long, I decided I must take a trip to the store in-person. Here are a few of the fabulous goodies they’re selling:

Eggs Cups and Spoons. This set of four porcelain chicken-design egg cups and spoons are a must-have for any country kitchen.

Antique silverware. The presentation alone had me drooling over this set of vintage silverware for six (circa the 1930s). Awesome.

Set of six Morrocan tea glasses. Ok, a little bit more “bazaar-style” than country, but I am obsessed with these glasses. Don’t you just love the colorful sleeves?

Sidewalk Chalk. This would make a perfect present for my two little twin cousins who currently enjoy spending afternoons covering themselves in chalk as they play outside :)

All photos via brookfarmgeneralstore.com

Has anyone checked out this store yet? Let me know!

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