Perky Pillow

Monstera pillow from Pier1.com

This afternoon, I picked up four Monstera pillows at Pier 1. I bought them for our outdoor table set. I love the bold green and white color combo, the oversized palm leaves and the price....$16 a pop (plus a discount) not bad at all. They just scream summer! Once the weather's warm, our deck is one of our favorite places to hang out.

Speaking of outdoor living…if you’re looking for outdoor summer entertaining and decorating ideas, check out this article I recently posted at Celebrations.com.

Its a little chilly out but I'm off to clean my table, plop my pillows on the chairs and sit with a much-needed glass of wine. Cheers!


DS said...

Great find. Might have to copy the idea. Green is a great natural color, but I am looking to compensate my lack of gardening skills by using pops of bright color in my yard. What's your take on that... too tropical for the 'burbs?

D&D said...

i would not mind sitting on those with a glass of vino either!

LD said...

Good question DS...I say go for it. Outdoor decorating is all about being adventurous! Bright colors are a natural fit in nature :)

loribell said...

Take me away to the Tropics.
Went on your Celebrations site--
Great ideas!!!