Say Goodnight, Domino...

Photo from NYTimes.com

So many of us were devasted when the beloved Domino magazine folded back in January. I can't recall how many times I referred to it for advice and inspiration in both my professional and personal life. My mantra sort of became..."What would Domino do?

When I read (in the NY Times and on Elements of Style) about the "tag sale" a few of the former staffers will be having this weekend in NYC, I was sad once again. Not only as a reminder that the magazine is gone, but it also took me back to when the last publication I worked for folded.

We were left not only with devastation, fear and grief but also a lot of STUFF! Books, magazines, furniture, props, office supplies, you name it--we had it! Dara Caponigro (Domino's former Style Director) put it best: “When you are doing shoots, you accumulate a lot of stuff.” Um, yes...when we left our offices last July, my home looked like the remains of all the photo shoots I had ever done.

If you happen to live in or near NYC or are visiting for the weekend...go check out their sale!

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