New Beginnings...

I recently gave my living room a mini makeover for spring. Flowers are my favorite way to welcome in a new season.

I've officially launched this blog live! Thanks to a fantastic e-blogging class I took last month with Decor8 (thanks, Holly!) I finally have the courage to go live.

As I mentioned in my first introduction post, I am a former magazine editor, who is now freelance writing and crafting and loving it.

My style is a little crafty, a little trendy and definitely cozy. "Country Modern" is one way some old pals used to describe my style and I like that a lot.

I plan to bring you decorating and craft ideas, inspiration, projects and lots more.

Welcome to Design Candy!


D&D said...

pretty!!!!!! yayyyy for your blog!!!

LD said...

Thanks, lady!! :)