Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Photo from Celebrations.com

For me, there really never has to be an excuse to celebrate. So in honor of this festive day, here is today's Party Plan:

1. Cocktail: SkinnyGirl Margarita
Bethenny Frankel, celebrity natural food chef, author, entrepreneur and star of Bravo TV's "The Real Houswives of NYC." created this delicious cocktail. I was lucky enough to meet Bethenny at an event in NYC last spring and she is, in a word--amazing.

2. Main Menu: Taco Bar with Fresh Salsa
How fun is it to build your own taco? And please, whatever you do, make sure the salsa is FRESH! Nothing beats it. I suggest making it yourself or if you must buy it pre-made, the Trader Joe's brand really is delicious.

3. Dessert: I adore the Mexican Chocolate Pudding at my favorite restaurant in town, Besito. So decadent and delicious and so easy to re-create. Simply mix-in a generous amount of cinnamon to your favorite chocolate pudding (I suggest dark chocolate!)

4. Decorations: Tissue Paper Flowers
Yep, just like the kind you made in kindergarten. For an easy how-to, click here. Then, hang them up all around the house, tie them to the back of your dining chairs or plop a whole bunch into a vase.

5. Music: Set the mood with a festive playlist. I love this one from Celebrations.com.

How are you planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


DS said...

Sign me up. Sounds like a great party to me!

D&D said...

eating a quesadilla.

LD said...

Me too...for dinner...:)