Easter Projects

My hubby and I host his family for Easter every year. As I was planning this weekend, I came across these pics from our very first Easter dinner, back in 2006.

The centerpiece on the left was super-simple and so much cuter in person (sorry about the dark photos!). I started with a vase of wheat grass. I made the paper "eggs" using an extra-large oval-shaped punch. Then, I glued them onto lollipop sticks and inserted them into the wheat grass. So easy! The bunny decoration was a last-minute addition. A bit cutesy but at the time, I was working at Parents Magazine so kid-friendly crafts were always on my brain!

For the wineglass tag/placecard on the right...I used leftover business-cards from Paper-Source. I wrote each guest's name and added a cute little sticker. To finish, I punched a hole in the corner, thread a piece of ribbon through and tied it to the glass. Easy, right?

This year I'm planning a spring theme using lots of hot pink. How will you decorate for Easter?


Leah said...

Lovely! Looking at these is making miss crafting with you! So glad you've launched, Lauren. Excited to see what's coming!

LD said...

Thanks, I know...me too :) Thanks for checking out my blog!