Gotta Have It: Cupcake Stands

Photo via Farmhouse Wares

As soon as I read about these adorable cupcake stands over at Dachsies and Design (thanks, lady), I knew I had to have them! They are from Farmhouse Wares. My order is placed and I will be receiving six of these shortly!

Is a stand just for a cupcake too much? I think not. Cakes have their own fancy stands, why not cupcakes? Plus, I can think of a million other uses for these...they will be great for holding candles and summer seashells now and then when the weather changes, they will be PERFECT for displaying those tiny Jack-be-little pumpkins I love.

I can't wait to play with them when they arrive. Of course, the first thing I will have to do is buy half a dozen red velvet cupcakes (my favorite) to test them out!

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