Happy Birthday (to me!)

Photo from istockphoto.com

Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday!

Five Things I Loved About My Birthday Weekend:

1. My brother's law school graduation was yesterday. I am so, so proud of him!!

2. My family. Everyone rallied, partying at my brother's graduation party on Saturday and then Sunday they were back for a very long day of awards and ceremonies and picture-taking yesterday.

3. Business cards! A fabulous gift from a fabulous lady...I was so surprised to open up these adorable cards. Thanks, D!

4. Spa Day...the hubby is treating me to a spa day of my choice. I'm thinking of a spa/yoga package here.

5. Birthday cake. I love that after the marathon weekend we had, when we finally got home my husband surprised me with a yummy cake at 11:30 last night.



loribell said...

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you.....!!!!!!

Thanks for all your support for your brother's Law School Graduation!!!!!!

Most Wonderful Daughter and Son I can ever wish for!!!!!!!!

LD said...

Thanks, mom! You're the best :)

Tara said...

Happy Birthday to you - from a BYW Postworthy teammate. I like the developments on your blog so far!