Tea Time

I am a big coffee drinker but even I know the many benefits of tea is probably better for me. That's why I try to drink tea as often as possible. A friend of mine had turned me onto loose tea years ago but I always found it too tedious. I decided to give it another try and I'm very glad I did. I'm even contemplating throwing a little "tea tasting" party inspired by this Etsy posting.

Early last month I popped into the Clipper Ship Tea Company, a charming tea shop in Northport Village, and was instantly smitten. The walls of shiny metal canisters filled with loose teas of all varieties is just so inviting. Since it was the first weekend of December, there were quite a few wintry/holiday blends to sample. Gingerbread Roobios stole my heart. It was a little spicy, crisp and caffeine free - perfect for ending a busy day. I scooped up a small pouch ($5 for ten cups worth) and a simple tea ball to get started. 

That night my husband sat at the table with me as I began the "ritual" as a I now call it and I just loved it. I smile instantly as I open up the pouch and smell all of the deliciousness waiting to be brewed.

I carefully measure a teaspoon worth of the tea and patiently wait for the water to boil. Each step helps me to forget the day's worries and focus on this very moment - something I desperately need to do more often.

I even patiently wait for the tea to brew for about 8 minutes or so, just to make sure I am getting the best taste possible. I thoroughly enjoy my little cups of tea...I don't have it every night, but when I do I find I sleep a little better, which is worth the price of admission to this busy mom.

How about you? Are you a tea drinker? Do you indulge in loose teas? Let me know, I'm ready to stock up on a new flavor and will be visitin the shop soon....any suggestions?

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Wonderful aroma!