January Craft Supply Haul

Now that my son is starting to color and craft with me (as much as a 15-month old can!), I set out over the weekend to load up on some supplies for us. Now, back when I was a magazine editor, I lived in the craft stores, I was always shopping for supplies! Now that I'm writing much more than crafting and I have my little one to figure into the family budget, I've had to curb my supply shopping---a lot. So this haul was a real treat for me. Here's a peak at what I found. Everything was purchased at Michael's and A.C. Moore.

When I was at Parents, it was all about crafting and decorating without utilizing licensed characters (for more reasons than I can list here!).  Well now that I'm a mom and I see that huge smile on my son's face as soon as he spots Mickey, Goofy, Elmo or Big Bird, you better believe I'm hunting down craft supplies starring his favorite friends. Don't get me wrong, I love the basics too and firmly believe in using the imagination to be creative, but if his pals help spark his creativity so be it!

We scooped up these adorable cutouts of the gang from Sesame Street (similar here). The plan is to simply glue some of them onto the primary colored pre-cut circles I found and then craft them into a garland to hang in his room. Simple and basic for us, he'll hold his characters while I glue and assemble the rest :) 

I thought the fun splatter paint, star and alphabet patterned papers could be worked into countless other projects with the paper circles too. That's all part of the fun, you never know where your crafting will take you. 

Mickey is such a staple in our house...I love these giant stickers and that adorable paper. Awhile back I had purchased some plain Kraft bins and I think decorating them with his pals will be so fun. The paper is just good to have...I might just work it into some Valentine's Day projects...speaking of...

I've already loaded up on red and white heart-shaped doilies so I really was just on the lookout for finishing touches. I love the rubber stamps, which were only $1 each at Michael's and I adore rub-ons...they're just instant gratification. Looks like I'm into red and natural with touches of black and white this year...funny how once you look back at your purchases you can spot a theme. Those stamp embellishments will be perfect finishing touch to use with those mini notecards I found.

Finally...some random goodies for me. I miss crafting, I really do but I don't have the spare time to commit to big projects any longer. My plan is to craft a few fun tags using this collection of supplies. I love the black and natural polka dot reversible paper and the tiny letter stamps are just great. I'm also anxious to finally try out the Washi tape I purchased...one is a gold metallic and the other is black with writing on it, both really pretty. Plus, Glue Dots are just my absolute favorite supply (especially the removable ones) so I had to pick up another pack...no one should be without Glue Dots...ever. I use them to craft with, to hang decorations, they're just great.

I hope you've enjoyed my little haul...stay tuned as we craft, I'll be sharing our projects here. 

Happy crafting to you!

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