Corian and Zodiaq Unveil New Colors for 2013

Ah, the kitchen. The "workhorse" of the house, right? It certainly is in my home. Its where we gather every night, break bread with friends and family, cook, bake, laugh and play. Its also the room I'd like to remodel the most (with our sad bathroom being a close second!). 

That being said, I often spend some downtime (when I have it) pouring over kitchen ideas for that maybe-one-day digital file I have collected. Countertops are a huge thing for me, I've realized how important they are to really finish off the look of a kitchen. Tired of my blue, I'm loving the new color selections from DuPont Corian and Zodiaq. They are all so soothing and modern. 

According the company's press release, there are three main color trends the company based their selections from: Raw, Interference and Solidify, which all point to the uncertainty and desire for a little bit of luxe in our lives that we are feeling collectively these days. Whatever the reasons, I'm all for this new collection.  All are gorgeous and drool-worthy in their own right. Don't believe me...take a peak here:

I told you! So pretty. How about you, what sort of look do you prefer in your kitchen? 

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Natural! Love!