Fifty Shades of Grey - Hamptons Style

Have you been reading this hot book that is all the rage? I am still getting through book one, but I have to say, I'm quite enjoying it! So when LI-based interior designer Diane Guariglia of Dyfari Interiors shared with me this photo of her contribution to the Hampton Designer Showhouse I was thoroughly delighted! 

Her 50 Shades of Grey Playroom (located in the lower level of the showhouse in Water Mill) is stunning and sexy and brings to life the essence of the ahem, romance (?) between Christian and Anastasia! 

I first interviewed and got to know Diane and her work for this LI Pulse article earlier this year, and I instantly fell for her style. Her work is fresh and modern and chic and she's wrapped that all into her wonderful room. Since I was so excited, I had to ask Diane to share some of her inspiration with me. Here is what she had to say:

Q: Tell me more about what inspired this gorgeous room...

Diane: I designed a room that aside from literally having 50 shades of grey in it, would be suitable for the character of Christian Grey. Dark, edgy, complicated and super sexy.

Q:  I think you achieved those goals and more. What was your design plan?

Diane: Although the space is monotone, I used a lot of different textures to give the space interest. From using reclaimed barn wood (in grey) on the walls, to rivets wallcovering on the ceiling, there is a lot of interesting details that makes the space layered and complex.

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