Simple Holiday Decor

With a newborn to take care of, it's been challenging to decorate as I usually do for the holidays. My table needed a simple centerpiece that would be festive yet easily moved, if need be.

I had purchased a few boxes of vintage ornaments from a yard sale a few years ago. I piled them into one of my favorite white bowls and I love the result! Pink, blue and silver is a modern, festive combo rather than the same old, same old red and green.

To give it a little extra sparkle, I nestled it inside of a glittered metal star wreath...I love the country chic look it adds to my little "farmhouse" style table.

My mother-in-law liked my display so much, she asked me to create one for her coffee table. She wanted more of  traditional look. I filled a gold bakset with an assortment of vintage Shiny Brite ball ornaments.

First, I lined the bottom of the basket with loads of tissue paper. Then, I used a glue dot to attach a simple green bow I had to one of the balls. I then glued the ball to the center of the tissue filled basket so it stayed put. Then I just piled in the ornaments.

Finally, my son's nursery also needed a little holiday cheer. Rather than using one of those silly tabletop fake evergreens, I decided to display one of my favorite white feather trees. I added two adorable ceramic gingerbread kids that I painted  years ago, even before I met my husband.I had no idea then that they would one day end up in my first born's nursery :)

Well, that's a quick tour of some of my holiday decorations. How are you decorating this year? What are some of your favorite displays at home?

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