Show Me Your Jewels!

I love jewelry. I love wearing it and I love displaying it even more! I was recently introduced to the From Me, To You photography blog on Tumblr and was instantly smitten with this photo.

Not only is the jewelry collection awesome, but so is the carved metal tray its resting upon. I use a small wall mirror at home as a tray for my jewelry but this photo has me thinking of creating a more dynamic display.

Here are a few ideas....

I created this look while working at Quick & Simple. We were very inspired by a Blueprint story that talked about using pretty bowls to organize your jewelry inside a drawer. It is like a little surprise just for you each time you open your drawer. TIP: Line your drawer in pretty paper and use candle wax to affix the bowls to the drawer to they don't move around. 

I really liked this pretty idea from Martha Stewart Living. They used a flea-market frame to create a hanging display. Here, they cut a piece of Homasote, covered it in luxurious velvet and placed it inside the frame. Pin hooks are used to hang the jewelry. Stunning!

Finally, this photo from Declare Magazine also caught my eye...a gaggle of beaded necklaces hanging well, on a hanger. Very clever and definitely an eye-catching display!

So how about you? What creative ways do you display your jewelry?


Cat said...

I have all my jewelry tucked away in vintage jewelry boxes *hangs head in shame* but I LOVE your inspirations for getting it out into the open! :)

♥ Cat brideblu

Design Candy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cat! I know...its tough to make that transition but pretty ideas help :)