Shop Spot: What's New at Matteria

I received a cheery email this morning from Matteria, a fabulous online shop based in the UK. They curate the best items for the home from some of the most talented designers I've seen.

This email was all about the design group Buzzispace and its new felt products. I love felt, it's a material I love to work with and use in my home.

First up is this amazing felt lamp! How genius is this design? It reminds me of these super cute paper lanterns from Martha Stewart Kids.

Speaking of kids...how about this clever felt puzzle piece rug? I would have had a blast playing with this as a child.

Finally...I really adore these puzzle poufs! I know they're geared towards kids but I'd totally use one in my home office.

What I love most, aside from the whimsical, smart designs is that EVERYTHING is made from 100 percent recyled eco-felt...it's eco felt that's made from upcycled plastic bottle waste. SO COOL! I wonder if it is the same material Kunin uses for their eco-felt...

To check out more of this fun collection visit http://www.matteriashop.com/

All photos via Matteria.

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