A Golden Weekend

Who's ready for the Oscars? I certainly am! I'm very excited to see how James Franco and Anne Hathaway take on their hosting duties. So far, I'm loving their commercials...wardrobe malfunction is my favorite.

I won't be throwing a party for the Oscars, it'll just be me and the hubby cheering on our (well MY) favorites (Colin Firth, Natalie Portman). But if I were to throw a party, you better believe it would be all about glamour!

I was lucky enough to channel my party aspirations for two fun stories that I wrote for AOL's Holidash.com . Take some time to read them today....maybe you'll pick up a few party tips!

The first is about channeling Old Hollywood Glam by way of a fun costume bash. These vintage hollywood star napkins would work perfectly...

The other is all about dressing your party table in Oscar Glamour! My favorite tips? Using gold cardboard stars and faux Oscar statuettes to jazz up your table.

If I could choose one job for the rest of my life I think it just might be decorating for parties. I love it...hm...maybe party planning is in my future?

However you celebrate the Oscars this weekend, have fun!

Photos via eonline.com, plumparty.com and windycitynovelties.com

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Mary Maru said...

I unfortunately had to miss the Academy Awards this year...first time in I don't even know how long. So I enjoyed your post and am crazy about those star cocktail napkins. Really cute!