Have a Sparkly New Year!

2011 is finally here and itls time for me to sparkle and shine! For me, this year is all about change. It's time for me to stop dreaming about what it is I really want out of life and just go get it.

As far as my career, well I want to make this the most kick-ass year yet! There's lots and lots I'd like to accomplish and today, I'd like to share them, hoping it will put me on the right path to make them happen!

1. Enhance my blog. This mean writing everyday, welcoming lots of new readers and finally giving it the makeover it desperately needs. I want my readers to be just as excited to read my blog as I am excited to read my favorites!

2. Write for new publications. I'd really like to work with more print publications, as well as the new crop of digital magazines (hm, perhaps even start my own?) I have a fantastic project coming up in the February issue of Country Living and I hope that is the start of more to come! :)

3. Book proposal. You hear that universe? This girl is ready to produce a book! Friends of mine have done it, fellow bloggers are getting ready to, there's no reason that I shouldn't join them. The first step? Focusing on one subject...that's been my downfall, I have too many ideas! Decorating? Parties? Crafts? Or a little bit of everything?

4. Attend more industry events. Networking is so, so, important and unfortunately, living in the 'burbs hinders my attending some fabulous NYC events. However, this year, I'm making more of an effort to do so! Starting with the NYIGF at the end of this month.

5. Yoga. As part of my efforts to live a healthier life, I'd really like to incorporate this into my everyday. I think taking some time each day to clear my head and refocus my energy would help me reach all of my goals.

6. Love more. Simply put, there's nothing more important than sharing love with your family and friends.

Well, there it is....six goals (and a few I'll keep private) that I'd like to cross off my to-do list on December 31, 2011. Here's to a fabulous year...I hope it brings love and luck and happiness to you all!

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