JOIN Seattle Design @ NYIGF

Walking by the many NYIGF booths, I stopped to meet the gang at JOIN Seattle Design. This very modern, collective of designers working together to promote their ideas had such an interesting array of products, we couldn't help but find out more.

These beauties from Iacoli & McAllister are a study in form and function. I love how they don't bother with a fussy shade, just the simple structure of the frame in an array of cool powdercoated colors. They're beauty and simplicity make them so unique.

Available in three sizes (8", 12" and 16") they are perfect for a kitchen, home office, anwhere that needs a little industrial flavor.

On to what might be my favorite company name ever...Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. (so fun, right?) Well these designers had me drooling over their Superior Servers.

I am obsessed with the beautiful Rococo handle design and the fact that they come in white, orange and yellow and I can mix-and-match. Very cool indeed. At $35 each, I'll be scooping up one of each: the slotted spoon, serving spoon and fork.

Also obsessed with a blog post of theirs about stamping vintage postcards with their company info for the show...these are so fabulous. Wish I had one...alas, I didn't see any left at the booth.

They also have a hilarious Mega Doily rug, featured in this month's issue of Country Living, that had me grinning. I love their style and sense of humor.

Keep an eye on all of the designers from JOIN Seattle Design...I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more about them in the future!

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D&D said...

whoakay. i need that giant doily. BAD.