American Cupcake

I've been doing researching for this massive travel-related project, uncovering lots of cool shops and restaurants around the country. Well, American Cupcake in San Franciso has to be one of the ones I am dying to visit most!

The scoop: it's a quirky cafe with a menu packed with delicious savory bites, candy-inspired cocktails, cool desserts and my favorite part...the cupcakes!

Now, I don't care who says cupcakes are on their way out...to me, they are the perfect way to indulge a bit, try a new flavor and generally give me a little boost on rainy day :)

I am most smitten by American Cupcake's "cupcake flights" and "cupcake pairings." Matching up cupcakes with wine and beer? Sounds perfect, yes please. Cupcakes and wine are two of my favorite indulgences and I think its lovely to have them together.

My favorite cupcake flight: The Tunnel of Love, which gives you three minis: chocolate, red velvet and red hot (cinnamon, love it!) paired up with a taste of Vin Gris Rose, Sonoma Brut and Cabernet Savignon.

There's so much more to try....like the peanut butter and preserves menu with loads of yummy toppers and The Mad Tea Party...cupcakes covered with ice cream and all the fixings.

I may just be heading out to San Fran in November so I hope to stop by, but in the meantime, maybe I'll just try it myself at home... a chocolate cupcake with a glass of Cab Sav...that'll do!


D&D said...

i hope you read ming makes cupcakes!

Design Candy said...

Oh, I am now officially hooked...I never read this before!! Thanks for the scoop!