Street Style at Home in Germany

Was anyone else blown away by this eclectic, funky apartment in the Real Estate section of the NY Times today? It grabbed my attention right away!

The owner is Stefan Strumbel (below), a former graffiti artist-turned-cuckoo clockmaker in Offenberg, Germany (quite the profession, huh?!). Stefan's one-bedroom apartment is a little bohemian, a little mod and filled with lots of inspiration.

His apartment is an eclectic mix of hand-me-downs (the velvet-backed dining chairs, shown below, were his grandmother's)

...and modern wares like the prints and artwork on the wall and of course, his very cool cuckoo clocks (below) that are based on traditional models, slightly updated with grenades and handguns :).

I love that he decided to give up graffiti art bc he felt it was more of a "New York thing" and instead took upclock making, as it was a reflection of his German roots or "Black Forest" as he so eloquently put it in the article.

I also happen to LOVE his bathroom...it was surprisingly chic and so pink!

Good luck with your endeavors, Stefan and thanks for sharing your apartment with us here in the states! Check out the NY Times slideshow here.

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