Rumor Alert: HGTV The Magazine?

It was reported yesterday that Hearst is rumored to be in talks to produce a magazine for HGTV...similar to its Food Network Magazine (below).

Sign me up for a subscription! I think it's a great idea and of course, I would LOVE to come work for the magazine--hint, hint, Hearst! :)

I think having a magazine would be a wonderful extension of the beloved HGTV network, especially right now as the home category is in desperate need of a fresh, quality publication.

HGTV's fans are so devoted and would follow their beloved network anywhere!

I can see the pages unfolding now...dreamy spreads of the homes featured on House Hunters International, insightful Q&A's with Candice Olson and Genevieve Gorder and just think of all the tips for first-time home buyers and sellers...oh, and the crafts! There will be so much content to draw inspiration from, it's a no-brainer.

HGTV and Hearst...go for it!

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