Pretty Pink Party Props

Monday was one of those days...so I decided to relax a little last night by searching for fun party goods on Etsy. Here some of my favorites, all pretty in pink!

Raspberry Ruffled Crepe Trim/Garland, The Gilded Bee.

This just screams: "party!" It makes me so happy, I have to order some for sure.

Romance Novel Paper Rose, Anne Musing Designs.

Love that these flowers were made using recycled pages torn from old romance novels. So clever.

Sweet Potted Fabric Plant Rose Bouquet, Jane Joss.

A plant, made from fabric? GENIUS...love it.

Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake gift bag and print, Jenny's Bake Shop.

Cupcakes certainly calm me down, I love this new print!


Design Darling said...

love the "keep calm and have a cupcake" bag. somehow i think i'll never tire of all the variations on that print. fun post :)

Design Candy said...

I absolutely agree! This is my favorite variation yet :) Thanks for stopping by!

S.L.North said...

thanks so much! ;)
what a lovely {pink} post :)
S. of the gilded bee

nichole said...

I believe you may have convinced me to become a bigger fan of pink!

Design Candy said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies! I'm so happy to share my pink finds with you all! :)

mo said...

We have a birthday coming up so I am going to get some of those beautiful crepe paper streamers! Thanks for sharing.

hopeless domestic said...

I have a small obsession with this print! What a fabulous blog!