Inspiration Icon: Marilyn Monroe

I couldn't stop thinking about this photo of Marilyn Monroe, lounging at home, from Architectural Digest. I incorporated it into my Blog it Forward post on Tuesday and it has stuck in my mind since.

I love what it represents. Marilyn was this larger-than-life glamorous, sexy icon. Yet, here she is relaxed, cozy at home surrounded by the things she loved. Of course, more likely than not this photo was posed, however, I like to believe, this was a true depiction of her life at home :)

Just like so many of us, I have always been intrigued by Marilyn Monroe. I have read countless biographies, watched nearly all of her movies (How to Marry a Millionaire, shown below, is my favorite) and movies about her (HBO's Norma Jean & Marilyn with Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino from 1998 is my favorite).

So what was it? Why are we still inspired by her today, 40 + years after her tragic death? She was beautiful, talented, funny and smart (yes! In 1955 she started her own production company: Marilyn Monroe Productions). But for me, it was her glamour.

Perhaps deep down she also craved a simple home life, as depicted in that AD photo up top (don't we all?) but when this country needed glamour, she brought it. She was feminine and sexy and let woman know, it was ok to be that way. Gotta love that!

A few more of my favorite photos:

How about you? Do you find Marilyn Monroe's glamour inspiring?

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