It's a Key Thing

Keys are a big trend right now, especially antique keys. Not sure if it started with the gorgeous key necklaces Tiffany's introduced last year...

... or a renewed interest at antique shows. Whatever it is, I'm loving it.

A friend of mine recently purchased this set of reproduction keys from Pottery Barn. They're so pretty in person and much lighter than you would think. However, I wanted something different.

Inspired by her purchase, I'm determined to find my own eclectic set of keys...antique ship keys to be precise. Since we live in a town with such a rich shipping history, I thought such a collection would be a nice addition to our home.

I tried our local antique shop, however their assortment was small and expensive, not what I was looking for. Then, I found some at antiquekey.net, which had such an enormous selection!

However, I wanted to give good old eBay, a try first. Now I'm bidding on a few sets. Stay tuned...

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