All That Glitters: Shopping in Atlantic City

While roaming the shops at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City this weekend, I fell in love with many sparkly Vegas-style goodies. First up, this amazing chandelier in the Baccarat store.

How could you not love an explosion of glittering black crystals? I took this photo with my cell phone and it just does not do it any justice. Here it is (with shades) from the Baccarat web site, it is called the Starck Zenith Chandelier. In the words of fashion stylist Rachel Zoe, "I die."

Next up was Coach. Their fall jewelry collection is bauble-icious! (Is that even a word?!) These gorgeous gemstone rings look amazing on the hand....

...and the Poppy three-strand necklace just screams fashionista. How fab would it be draped over a silk lampshade...hmm...just a thought.

Oh, and how badly do you want to scoop up the new metallic xl brooke bag...so tough yet so ladylike. Loving it.
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So obviously, shimmer and shine are huge for fall in the home and in the fashion closet. I'm all for it!

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