Wallpaper Makeover

We've been in our current home for about two years now and I still have quite a bit of re-decorating to do. We (or rather my lovely father-in-law and hubby) painted when we first moved in but I've quickly grown out of the color I chose for our bedroom.

It's the only room that I'm ready to change the walls and I keep toying with the idea of wallpaper. I know it’s a much bigger commitment but I am in love with all of the new designs and technologies available now.

York Wallcoverings has just introduced their line of wallpapers textured with sand right into the designs! How amazing to get great design and texture all in one. I especially love the designs from designer and HGTV star Candice Olson...classic, cool and modern.

This one is my favorite. It’s called "Lattice" and this is the color palette I'd like to go with for our bedroom. I would even settle for wallpapering just one wall with this and then painting the rest of the room in a soft gray. Loving it!

Lattice on Charcoal Non-Woven with White Sand (CX1227) from Candice Olson Dimensional Surfaces, $129.99 per single roll.

This is another of Candice's designs, "Ironwork," another favorite. Ironwork in Turquoise on Non-Woven (CX1329) from Candice Olson Dimensional Surfaces, $89.99 per single roll.

These and other sand designs are all available at www.yorkwall.com or you can always call 1-800-375-9675.

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