Summer Cocktails: St. Germain

Friday evening we celebrated a good friend's 30th birthday at a chic wine bar called Novita in Garden City, NY...if you live on Long Island, go check it out. Good food, good wine and fantastic cocktails.

I sipped Prosecco and St. Germain with a touch of fresh lemon juice all night and it was delish! Light, crisp and a little sweet...the perfect summer cocktail.

What is St. Germain you say? It's a french liqueur made from elderflower blossoms. Online you can find a bottle for about $29.99...worth the investment for a summer of delicious cocktails you can impress your friends with. Add a little to a glass of inexpensive but delicious champagne such as Frexinet (the best under $10 a bottle) or prosecco or use it to kick up a classic gin-and-tonic or martini.

You can learn more about St. Germain over at www.stgermain.fr and find tons of cocktail recipes.


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