Sunday Sweets

I finally tested the Strawberry and Marscapone Filled Cupcake recipe from Giada De Laurentiis.They were sweet and delicious and easy too since you use a store-bought cake mix and a simple icing. The filling is an extra step but worth it. The sweet strawberries blend with marscapone cheese perfectly. If you're not familiar with this cheese, it is most commonly used in tiramisu. Think of it as an Italian cream cheese. You can usually find it in most specialty grocery stores like Trader Joe's, Best Yet or Italian-specialty stores.

I was so inspired I decided to use my Farmhouse Wares cupcake stands and take a little photo. I picked this vintagey fabric because the cupcakes have that old-fashioned bake sale look to them plus with the stands, I thought it would be great.

Of course I could pick a million things wrong with the photo (lighting, fabric needed to be steamed, better cupcake placement, etc.) but for an impromptu photo of a Sunday afternoon treat, I'd say this was just right.

How was your weekend? Did you bake anything delicious?

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DS said...

No, I did not bake anything, but I did enjoy some other's baked goods. The neighbor's wine pairing party was Saturday night, and it was very cool. Maybe we should do a little pairing the next time we play cards.