Gotta have it? Maybe not.

I just finished reading this clever article over at HouseBeautiful.com: Home Accessories You Don't Need. In it, nine well-known designers talk about the home products they had to have but then realized they really didn't need. Brilliant.

Dransfield & Ross Linen napkin from ThePicketFence.com

It was so refreshing to hear entertaining guru Colin Cowie talk about how the vodka shot set he thought was so great, really wasn't or how designer Victoria Neal refuses to buy linen napkins no matter how gorgeous they are because she just can't bare to iron them all the time. I completely agree!

How about you? What are some of the "gotta-have-it" home accessories you thought you needed but really could have lived without?

Here's my top three:

1. Sushi for two dining set. I'm not brave enough to make sushi at home (or order it in...I can only eat it when I'm dining out!)

2. Faux Fur throw and pillows. When they started to shed I just had to toss them.

3. Ice Cream Maker. Who has the time or energy when there's a Cold Stone Creamery nearby.


DS said...

Agreed, hence we are having a garage sale next weekend. Is there a reason why I registered for 24 shots glasses? I'm all about purging lately!

LD said...

You and me both! Shot glasses, swizzle sticks for every holiday...highballs, lowballs...let it go!!