Pizza on the Grill!

To say my husband "grilled" for our Fourth of July BBQ is an understatement. His menu was packed, and I mean packed with delicious eats. He was so excited and so focused, he planned for weeks, writing lists, checking off ingredients than rewriting again! I love his passion for cooking and I just love him for making our BBQ the best - EVER!

One of my favorite menu items was his grilled pizza. It was his first time grilling pizza and its something he's wanted to do for a long time. This was the party to do it! He whipped up these beauties when our guests arrived...

The one on the left was a yummy mix of prosciutto and goat cheese. On the right? Classic tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella. Just look at those grill marks :) They were delicious...his only complaint was that the dough grew so much, the prosciutto and cheese kind of "swam" to the middle. I think they were both gorgeous and delicious!

Our best tip for pulling these beauties together? Buy fresh ingredients and pick up a fresh dough from your favorite pizzeria---oh and make sure you oil the grill first!

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loribell said...

Fab BBQ!!!!!
Everything was Delish!!!!!